How to Make a Difference without a Platform, a Pulpit, or Political Office

Last term, I had my writing class listen to a speech given by Elie Wiesel called The Perils of Indifference, which he gave as part of the Millennium Lecture series at the White House. While some students nodded off to the hypnotic sound of Wiesel's  voice, he held me captive as he recounted what it … [continue]

New Art for Your Everyday Enjoyment: iola magazine

***This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for reading!*** In my twenties, my husband and I rented a furnished terraced home in southwest London. We slept in someone else's bed, ate dinner at their long refectory table, and pretended we enjoyed their unusual taste in art. After two years spent living … [continue]

What Do You Want Me to Know About You?

"What do you want me to know about you?" I slipped this question into a string of far easier ones. What's your name, do you have a laptop, what are you into, then I asked them the question that unzips their chest, the one that reveals something of the heart beneath. I asked the question after … [continue]

A Beautiful Life: On Envy and the Search for Uncommon Beauty

"In what ways can you see that your unremarkable life is uncommonly beautiful?" In the dark hours of early morning, I let this question roll around in my heart like marbles in a pocket. I sat with my devotional across my lap, overlooking the dim glow of my neighbor's window, as I thought about my … [continue]

Loving What Matters

The new year approached through a haze of fairy lights, family noise, and Nyquil. It fought through mounds of wrapping paper. It curled past feverish bodies and thick knit blankets. It rose with the flames licking the brick in the fireplace. Everywhere I looked in my sniffling, sick state, the … [continue]